e-Book Publish System

Three Steps of Digital Documents
Word documents → PDF → Flip Book Format

Reading Logs System

How to find the documents?
PDF documents → PDF full-text Indexing → Full-Text Search

Reading Logs System

How to use original documents?
PDF documents → Add Watermark & Security → PDF for download

Reading Logs System

System Usage:

Every organization has some publication to be published to people, but people can read the publication but cannot download or print it. You will need an e-book publishing management system to solve this issue.

The procedure is to transform the original documents into PDF for original documents to be download by our own staff, and transform PDF into Flipbook format and let the people to read the e-book online without printing and download it.

As to PDF format documents, library can collect those into a full e-book collection and system can make the full-text index from those PDF files and provide the full-text search mechanism. In this way library will make a total usage out from PDF. Those feature is forming a knowledge management system as well.

E-Book Publish System provide the administration and also search and read feature for libraries to manage their organization’s e-Book for internal and external use of it. For internal, e-Book can be searched with full-text mechanism and let people inside organization can fully take advantage of acquire documents with full-text. For external usage, e-Book can be searched with full-text mechanism, then browse and read online with browser of desktop and also mobile devices.